Simple Ways to Save Money, Reduce Waste, and Go Green

Sincerely, it’s not always simple to live sustainably. especially when it seems like spending money is the only way to live sustainably (we’re looking at you, expensive reusable zip bags and other silicone-based products). However, these simple ways green hacks show that protecting the environment doesn’t have to mean making financial or drastic lifestyle changes. Continue reading if you want to do both—because who doesn’t want to lessen their environmental impact while keeping their wallets full?

Rice Water Is Beneficial for Plant Growth

Even when preparing a nutritious vegan meal, there is a lot of waste produced that we don’t often consider. People frequently just pour off the remaining water from rice and let it all go to waste. However, you can save that water and use it on your houseplants. In this manner, the plants will grow stronger and you won’t need to use as much water to fill the watering can later in the week. You might as well make use of that stale, old rice water since nobody wants to consume it.

Credit by reducewastenow/Instagram

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