Odd and Amazing Facts About Famous Actors

In the bright world of Hollywood where fame and riches sometimes show to take over everything else it’s easy to forget that superstars are, after all simply normal people with their own particulars and foibles. Whereas we may be aware of their on-screen personas and the carefully cut pictures they offer to the world there is a great me of typical and interesting information about some of the entertainment industry’s greatest stars that often hide from the public view of Odd and Amazing Facts.

We’re going to look into the lives of some of the most famous performers in the entertainment business in a study of odd and powerful. Ready to be taken aback as we show the oddities abilities and specifics that make them not just brilliant performers but also very interesting people. Join us on this journey as we show a holding collection of odd and amazing facts about great actors, if you’re a die-hard fan or simply active about the wonderful world of movies. From their first trials to their best parts, you’ll learn that these stars are much more than meets the eye.

Mumps caused the actor to lose hearing in one ear of Odd and Amazing Facts

The lives of better actors are sometimes filled with unexpected events sometimes even health problems that can impact their careers. One such remarkable story is about an actress whose career ended caused of a harmless childhood disease called mumps. This common viral illness, which typically affects the salivary glands had a specific effect on the actor causing him to lose hearing in one ear.

This specific star got mumps in their childhood long before they reached the beautiful world of Hollywood. Mumps is often thought to be a very common kid’s sickness with symptoms such as fever swollen glands and painful inflammation of the salivary glands. In this particular case though the infection caused an uncommon condition known as sensory hearing loss which left the actor having poor hearing in one ear.

The Actress Megan Fox is a True Believer in leprechauns.

Actors in the bright world of Hollywood often have their own specific oddities and opinions that set them among the rest. Megan Fox a skilled actress noted not just for her amazing looks and acting skills but also for her solid trust in the reality of leprechauns those difficult and funny characters from Irish legend is one such interesting personality.

Megan Fox’s love with leprechauns is a delightful oddness that has taken the interest of both fans and the media. Unlike the typical Hollywood actress her interests cross above the silver screen and into legends and the mind. It’s a belief she openly says often sharing people with amazing stories of leprechaun reports and personal experiences that added to her beliefs.

If Megan Fox’s faith in leprechauns may surprise some it further shows the power of talent in an industry known for its larger-than-life stories and characters. Her strong belief in these legends adds a beautiful part to her public presence showing a side of her that is both colorful and friendly.

During a Unique Knowledge Rebel Wilson Chose to Become an Actress of Odd and Amazing Facts.

Rebel Wilson divides out as a real knowledge rebel in a society where matching often rules the king. Her path to acting was odd and unexpected showing her loyalty and forever trust in herself.

Rebel Wilson’s road to becoming an actor was far from normal. She was born and grown in Sydney a city in Australia and first studied law at the popular University of New South Wales. Rebel Wilson on the other hand took a strong decision to go after her love for acting in a key moment that would change every part of her life.

The Actor Ryan Gosling Was Almost a Blue Boys Member of Odd and Amazing Facts

the form of the amazing world of Hollywood there are many unknown and entertaining stories about how stars almost went down very different professional paths. One such amazing story centers around famous actor Ryan Gosling who at one time in his life was on the point of joining the storied boy band the “Blue Boys.”

Ryan Gosling’s path to success took a unique take shortcut when he met paths with the worlds of music and entertainment during his early years. Boy groups were hugely popular at the time inviting fans with attractive songs and linked dancing motions. The “Blue Boys” who were known for chart-topping tunes and millions of followers were at the center of this musical boom.

The Actor Christopher Walken Before Worked As A Lion Tamer of Odd and Amazing Facts

In the glimmering realm of Hollywood, where actors often lead lives of luxury and fame the fascinating history of an actor can be just as captivating as the roles they portray onscreen. This holds true for the Christopher Walken, whose pre Hollywood journey involved an daring stint, as a lion tamer.

Before gracing the silver screen with his presence and iconic voice Walken embarked on an adventure within the world of circus as a lion tamer. This unexpected and courageous career choice showcased his bravery and audacity.

Within the thrilling circus environment Walken developed a bond with these powerful creatures earning their trust.

Meanwhile there is news surrounding Tim Allen potentially facing up to two years in prison due to drug usage.

It might come as quite a surprise to many that this beloved family friendly star had encountered troubles related to narcotics back when he was involved in home construction projects that eventually led him to work on Toy Story. During the 1970s at an airport Allen was found in possession of two kilograms of cocaine or other illegal substances. Can you even imagine attempting such an act, in todays post 9/11 era?.

At that time he was involved in drug distribution activities which ultimately resulted in him spending two years behind bars. It’s something no one could have anticipated.

Charlie Sheen Tried To Catch A Loch Ness Monster By A Lamb Leg

Charlie Sheen is widely known for his eccentricities like his tigers blood” comment.. Little did we know that he could take things further. This was evident, during his publicized breakdown, which should have been a sign of how bizarre his behavior had become. However it seems that no one really noticed until he completely lost touch with reality.

It seems that Charlie Sheen once went on a quest to find the Loch Ness Monster armed with nothing but a leg of lamb. We’re not sure if he actually discovered something or just ended up feeding a fish. Its clear that he had been exhibiting strange actions for quite some time. How did no one notice these behaviors then?

Before Friends Jennifer Aniston rejected herself a spot on Saturday Night Live.

Imagine what the TV show “Friends” would have been like if Jennifer Aniston hadn’t been part of the cast. It’s hard to imagine life without Rachel Green and her unique style. Interestingly Aniston turned down an opportunity to join “Saturday Night Live” before landing her role on “Friends ” almost as if it was destined to be.

Lorne Michaels expressed interest, in having Aniston on the show. She declined the offer to the disappointment of her friend Adam Sandler who had hoped to collaborate with her.It seems like she definitely made the choice considering she ended up making $1 million for each season of Friends.

For A Dinosaur Skull Nicolas Cage, One Time Beat Out Leonardo DiCaprio.

Nicolas Cages peculiar nature has been well known. We never anticipated that he would engage in a bidding war, with Leonardo DiCaprio. It would have seemed believable if it had only involved Cage. With Leos involvement the situation takes on an entirely different dimension.

Cage and DiCaprio found themselves locked in a battle to acquire this skull and ultimately Cage emerged as the victor. He ended up spending a $270,000 on this fragment of bone that dated back 67 million years. We can’t. Wonder if his inspiration for obtaining unique and (albeit fake) treasures stemmed from his experiences while filming National Treasure.

Channing Tatum Made an Appearance, in Ricky Martins “She Bangs” Music Video.

Channing Tatums appearance in Ricky Martins “She Bangs” music video is often overlooked despite his fame in Step Up. Many of us seem to have forgotten about his role to that. Perhaps we missed it when he made an appearance in Ricky Martins video. Now it piques our interest once again.

In the video Tatum portrays a server. One can easily imagine him exuding charm and youthful energy.
Perhaps now that you possess this knowledge you will find yourself equally enthralled by it just as we are. Alright we are going to indulge in watching that video.

Lady Gaga Spent $50,000 to Determine Maybe A Ghost Was Visiting Her.

We’re all aware that Lady Gaga has a side. We never expected her to be this outrageous. Sometimes we hear noises, in our homes. Wonder if there’s something supernatural going on but we never go as far as giving those noises names or assuming they’re dead bodies. For Gaga she has the means to investigate whether or not there’s a ghost following her.

Lady Gaga spent a $50,000 to determine if she was being haunted by a ghost named Ryan. She had experts check the fields of every hotel she stayed in during her trip. Can you imagine working at one of those hotels? It would be quite bizarre.

Kanye West used his time to work for Gap.

When it comes to Kanye West you never know what to believe. He can be a bit eccentric. He certainly knows how to create clothing and shoes. However his prices are often quite high and not as affordable, as the places he worked at before gaining fame.
Before making a name for himself as both a fashion designer and singer Kanye West used to work at Gap.

The Gap may not be incredibly affordable. Its definitely more budget friendly compared to anything Kanye West offers. When he has items, on sale they still tend to be out of reach, for people.

Keanu Reeves Maybe Changed His Name of Odd and Amazing Facts

Keanu Reeves has been, in the Hollywood industry for quite a while. There are still people who are unfamiliar with him. Interestingly when he was younger the actor traveled around the world after being born in Lebanon. Surprisingly Reeves is not yet a citizen,. Thats not even the most fascinating thing about him.
Keanu Reeves Considered Changing His Name.

During his days in acting Reeves actually considered changing his name to Chuck Spadina. Perhaps he thought it would be more appealing to movie makers and directors. However to us it sounds like the name of a pizza place in the Midwest.

Britney Spears Belonged To The American Edition Of The Spice Girls of Odd and Amazing Facts.

Although most people believe they have been following Britney Spears since the beginning of her career they might not be aware of her venture before she made it big on her own. As she transitioned from being a cartoon character studio starlet into an beautiful woman with remarkable abilities.Britney Spears Belonged To The American Edition Of The Spice Girls.

Before embarking on her solo journey Spears was part of an all group that aimed to replicate the success of the Spice Girls, in America. However no one could quite match up to the popularity of the Spice Girls so Spears ultimately decided to go

Madonna Was After getting Fired From Her Job In Dunkin Donuts

Madonna was let go from Dunkin’ Donuts when she got caught tampering with the machine. Can you imagine realizing that Madonna served you at your Dunkin’ Donuts? It would be quite unbelievable. So keep that in mind time someone behind the counter serves you a treat.

Eva Mendes, an actress known for her relationship with Ryan Gosling had aspirations before stepping into the public eye. She once considered becoming a nun. Whether it was due, to lack of compensation or other reasons is unclear.

Eva Mendes Wanted To Be A Nun of Odd and Amazing Facts

As Mendes grew older she realized that being a nun wasn’t the path meant for her despite finding it intriguing during her years.

Eva Mendes Wanted To Be A Sister stock photo
Mendes mentioned her desire to eventually purchase a house for her mother, which’s why she needed a job that provided an income. As a result her dream of attending school had to be put on hold.

Angelina Jolie was seen wearing a Glass Jar of Billy Bob Thornton’s Blood on her neck of Odd and Amazing Facts.

Angelina Jolie was quite unique, in her way. During her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, who was often filming in a location Jolie surprised him one day by showing up with a gift. She wore a pendant containing a vial of his blood around her neck.Angelina Jolie Was seen wearing a glass jar of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood on her neck.

Jolie and Thornton even took it a step further by exchanging bottles of blood after cutting their hands with a knife. It may sound unusual. They saw it as a way to feel connected while working on projects. Most people would opt for phone calls, texts or soft toys as gifts. They had their distinctive approach.

George Lucas Has Set Up A 14-Man Rescue Company of Odd and Amazing Facts.

George Lucas, the writer behind franchises like Indiana Jones and Star Wars has amassed tremendous wealth over the years. With a worth of $5.6 billion Lucas can afford almost anything he desires and hes decided to put his money to good use.George Lucas Has His Own 14-Man Fire Department. 

One notable investment Lucas has made is creating his 14 man fire department. When you have wealth and fame relying solely on the fire service may not be enough, for your peace of mind.

Bono Buy A Airplane Ticket To His Hat of Odd and Amazing Facts

Bono like many other celebrities on this list is rich in his greatest goals as a result of U2’s success. As a result, when Bono is on a trip he can pay all he needs to get it even his hat. He went to amazing hurts to get his hat when he left on his trip and forgot it.
Bono Buy A Plane Ticket For His Hat.

Bono spent $1,200 for his hat’s airline ticket. Can you think of asking a hat to share seats with you so you could be closer to your family? We’d get upset if someone paid for a seat only to wear their hat but it’s Bono so you can’t really do not agree with the reason.

David Bowie’s Eye Was Damaged as a Result of a Fistfight When He was 15 Years Old of Odd and Amazing Facts.

The late and great David Bowie was a wonderful performer and his name lives on. When we looked back at his images we found something special about his eyes. We know he’s always observing the world in a special way but there may be a reason for it.
David Bowie’s eye was always dilated as a result of a fistfight when he was 15 years old.
Getty Images/Michael Ochs Records.

Bowie was 15 when he took part in a fistfight which caused one of his eyes to remain damaged. It just made up for his out-of-the-box looks but with his makeup and bright clothing few people looked.

Matthew Broderick Was A Passenger In A Car accident That Killed Two People of Odd and Amazing Facts.

Most of us know Matthew Broderick for his famous roles in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Makers but he has a dark history that bothers him to this day. Broderick was traveling in Ireland when he got killed in a crash with a car that nearly sent him to jail for ten years.
Matthew Broderick was a passenger in a car accident that killed two people.

Broderick finds hard to think about the vehicle accident that killed 2 people. Broderick was charged with careless driving and was likely only let off from jail because of his status. It’s a shame that two people died in the accident.

Julia Roberts’ Smile Was About $30 Million of Odd and Amazing Facts.

Julia Roberts is clearly lovely and her looks are undoubtedly helping her job success. When your career is mostly based on your looks it is critical that you maintain and keep everything looking well.
Julia Roberts’ smile is worth $30 million.

Many famous people save their most known property and Julia Roberts has her famous smile insured for $30 million. If something were to happen to her face she surely would have the funds to have it fixed and back to its full beauty.

Kim Basinger Purchased A New Georgia The Town of Odd and Amazing Facts

What should you do when you have a large sum of money in your bank account? Of course, you purchase a whole town! Kim Basinger is well-known for her role in the film LA Confidential and she used her net worth to purchase an 8,000-person town for $20 million.
Kim Basinger Purchased An Entire Georgia.

She is really from Georgia and she felt linked to the little society. Today it serves as an important cultural center as well as a filming location for filmmakers. It must be amazing to ask an agent to buy a town because it is not something they see every day.

Madonna Really Planned To Kiss J.Lo At The VMAs of Odd and Amazing Facts.

When you’ve been living under the ground for most of your life you’ve surely seen or heard about Madonna and Britney’s famous VMA kiss but it wasn’t Madonna’s first choice. Britney likely had never idea what it was like to be a second choice until now.
Madonna Actually Wanted To Kiss J.Lo At The VMAs Frank Micelotta/Getty Images.

Madonna’s first choice rather than Britney was J.Lo but she openly fell. Also, the makers must have known Britney and Christina Aguilera had an odd past and would not want to perform together but they must have spent a lot of money to make this moment happen.

Dennis Rodman Shows That He Has 47 Relatives of Odd and Amazing Facts.

We’ve all said some white lies in our lives but nothing this crazy. When asked how many relatives you have, you are going to tell them the truth right? Dennis Rodman on the other hand has a different viewpoint.
Dennis Rodman claims to have 47 brothers and sisters.

Dennis Rodman stated that his father created 47 children such as Dennis. His father on the other hand only had 29 children. no matter how he lies or not that is a crazy sum. We’re worried about how many baby mothers he lost.

As A Child Matthew Perry Lost Part Of His Middle Finger.

Whether people agree or not Matthew Perry is one of our favorite actors since he played Chandler on Friends in such a welcoming way. Although some people may overlook his small weakness Friends lovers were quick to discover it.
As a child Matthew Perry lost part of his middle finger.

Perry lost part of his middle finger as a child in a car door accident (pain) and it is now the same size as his middle finger. But this isn’t the most harmful or shocking event we’re sure you’ll never be able to watch Friends without seeing this on his hand.

Martha Stewart Started Her Career As A Model.

When she became a famous housewife and caught up in a corrupt trading case Martha Stewart dreamed of being a fashion model. In college, the business businessman was earning $50 per hour modeling for companies like Chanel and she looked beautiful doing it.
Martha Stewart Began Her Fashion Model Career through Martha Stewart.

She likely never stated herself as being the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company going to jail or holding a talk show with a rapper like Snoop Dogg. She must be shocked at how her life is working out but she is doing well now that she is out of jail and it’s almost as if the crime never came up.

Brandy And Snoop Dogg Are Cousins.

Certain stars like to show off their other famous relatives and others are more careful about specific relationships. For example Snoop Dogg and Brandy are first cousins but not knows of this.
Snoop Dogg and Brandy Are Cousins.

Although they are not willing to show it they have worked together before on music. It’s odd that they don’t talk about it more because if we were any of their cousins we’d be saying it loud and proud.

Katy Perry Performs A Lock Of Taylor Swift’s Hair

Katy Perry is well-known for many things but we had no idea her to be this person. When Perry was asked what she had in her handbag during an interview most people thought it was money lipstick or a mirror but she had something totally unforeseen.
Katy Perry Carries a Lock of Taylor Swift’s Hair.

Perry admits to keeping a lock of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus’ hair in her purse. Outside at the Grammys she also asked for some hair. To be honest  we’d be worried if our buddies asked for some of our hair.

Tom Cruise Bought A Real Ultrasound Machine So He Could See His Baby Every Day.

Some say they love their children but how far will they go? When Katie Holmes became pregnant with Suri Cruise Tom Cruise went to a whole new level of fatherly feelings. Normally people view their baby at monthly gynecological check-ups but Cruise wasn’t happy with it.
To See His Baby Every Day Tom Cruise Bought An Actual Ultrasound Machine.

Alternative to waiting for a doctor’s appointment to see her on the monitor he chose to spend $200,000 for medical ultrasonography equipment ultrasonography tools that would allow him to see her every day. If we were Katie we would have been so mad to lay there every time simply to make him happy.

Fran Drescher Is Saying That Both She and Her ex-Husband Have Been Taken By Aliens.

What were you seeing on Nick-At-Nite if you missed the film The Nanny with Jean Drescher? Apart from our love for her we looked at this truth to be worrying but yes everyone is a little crazy right? That is at least the case in Hollywood.
Fran Drescher is likely that she and her ex-husband had been taken by aliens.

Drescher is certain that aliens took her and her ex-husband. She believes this because of marks on their hands from where aliens set up chips she alleges. She also said that they met because they were designed to it’s crazy yet lovely.

Michael J. Fox’s True Middle Name Doesn’t Begin with “J”

Michael J. Fox made us think the J was his middle start through the course of his life. But everything we’ve been told is a complete lie. Michael took the J to honor his hero Michael J. Pollard.
Michael J.

Fox’s middle name is in fact Andrew. We’re thinking he didn’t enjoy it as much as his chosen name and we’re not sure why. How could we have believed this lie for so long? Who else was misleading us with their fake names?

Macaulay Culkin Is A Member Of A Pizza-Themed Band.

Macaulay Culkin went off hiding for some time after gaining status as a kid. For obvious reason he comes to the limelight around Christmas time each year but there are still a few things people don’t know about him such as his ignored music.
Macaulay Culkin Is In A Band That Sings Pizza Songs.

The Pizza Underground is Culkin’s music and they are a Blue Underground cover band that just sings about pizza. We haven’t heard any of his songs yet but we think they’ll make you want a delicious pizza.

Waka Flocka Flame Paid Someone $50,000 Per Year To Serve As His Blunt Roller.

The drugs have been legal in many states it may be time to improve your low-building skills because there is a lot of money to be made. Rapper Waka Flocka Flame is said to have paid someone $50,000 to roll all of his blunts. That looks to be an ill job.
Waka Flocka Flame Paid Someone $50,000 Per Year to Act as His Blunt Roller.

Can you picture getting a yearly audit in this position? “Uh you didn’t roll many blunts on 4/20 and you should have calculated Waka’s needs better.” But your speed has improved greatly since you took this position.

Jake Gyllenhaal Had Lessons By Paul Newman. Driving Guidelines

We all know that actors gravitate around other actors for chances and knowledge. Some friendships or coaching on the other hand are an odd linking that doesn’t have to make sense. Many people know that Jake Gyllenhaal was good friends with the late Paul Newman.
Jake Gyllenhaal had his lessons by Paul Newman.

Learning to drive is a huge step in a young person’s life and it is normally done with their parents. Gyllenhaal on the other hand picked up to drive from Newman. They show to have had a deep relationship and he served as a mentor along Gyllenhaal’s career.

Lucy Liu Thinks She Has A Close Relationship With A Ghost.

The moment you have spent every day in the public eye it’s natural to get a little crazy. Lucy Liu is one of those superstars who is secretly insane since we had no idea she was like that. We have plans about the idea that she had a close relationship with a ghost.
Lucy Liu Claims She Had An Intimate Relationship With A Ghost.

Firstly how is that physically possible? Should we do a cleansing to clear her and the house of the ghost? It’s usually the ones you least expect that are the most insane. We’re not sure if she said it as a joke or carefully but we’re worried.

Bill Murray Was Trying To Get Ten Pounds Of Cocaine Into The United States.

The moment it comes to Bill Murray there is always more than meets the eye. On his 20th birthday he was caught in a the city of Chicago airport with $20,000 in cocaine tablets. Murray was eager to return to Chicago and resume his pre-med studies following his events. But after waiting in line he made a really stupid mistake.
Bill Murray tried to get ten pounds of cocaine into the United States.

Murray joked with one of his fellow passengers that he had two bombs in his bag which was seen and reported to security. When they searched Murray’s baggage they discovered weed bricks rather than bombs. He did not go to jail since he was a first-time criminal but he did serve five years.

Jonathan Franzen Writes His Novels Without Donning Blindfolds.

Do you often find yourself caught up at work or at home? We’ve all put off because there’s so much taking place around us but we’ve never known a successful way to filter out all of it. Author Jonathan Franzen may have found the best way to remove delays.
Jonathan Franzen writes his novels and donning blindfolds.

Franzen uses a pair of blindfolds when writing his novels so that he is able to focus on his job. He also used earphones and took four years to complete his most recent novel. If that isn’t commitment we don’t know what is.

Michelle Pfeiffer Was Part f A Cult when She Was Younger.

Did you know that Michelle Pfeiffer had a past? During her years she was actually involved in a group that believed in living solely on air and sunlight. While its uncertain if this cult was truly beneficial it certainly made Pfeiffer conscious of her weight. She has maintained a figure over the years. It seems their philosophy was based on the idea that humans, being closely connected to plants could sustain themselves with sunlight if they put in effort.

Another intriguing fact, about a Hollywood actor is Tom Hanks and his collection of typewriters. Besides being recognized as one of the attractive men in the industry Hanks has captured our hearts with his genuine and kind hearted acting. Surprisingly he has amassed a collection of than 250 typewriters, which’s quite fascinating to hear!

Tom Hanks Has  A Number Of Typewriters.

Although Hanks obviously appreciates typewriters it’s likely he also relies on his laptop for tasks from time, to time.

In 1978 he brought a typewriter to get it repaired. The store declined the request. As a result he chose to invest in a notch one. The rest is now part of our history.

Harry Styles Gets Four Nipples.

Harry Styles has been the talk of the town lately making waves in aspects of his career. From his fashion choices, to breaking gender norms and creating music and videos hes been quite the force. Enough it turns out that Harry Styles has four nipples, which is attributed to a condition called polythelia.

However it doesn’t seem to bother him or many others since his tattoos help cover them up.

A Sixth Spice Girl Was Supposed To Exist

The Spice Girls are known for being one of the female groups of the 1990s and early 2000s. We all know Sporty, Scary, Posh, Ginger and Baby Spice. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if there was a member? Well it turns out there was supposed to be one.

In college Michelle Stephenson was meant to be “Smart Spice,”. Unfortunately she didn’t get along with the girls. As a result they decided to stick with their five members.

She wasn’t particularly fond of the music, by the Spice Girls that we said farewell to.

Ashton Kutcher’s Toes Are Webbed

When you see an actor on TV or in a film you don’t get to see their complete body or anything mistakes they may have up close. For example Ashton Kutcher looks to have caught feet and we can’t get more of his feet.
 Ashton Kutcher Has Webbed Toes

Kutcher had to be an amazing diver since he didn’t need wings to go quickly because his webbed toes took all the work. Also his true name is Chris not Ashton and Chris is the name of someone with linked feet.

Oprah Has A Bathtub That Is Shaped Like Her.

Oprahs fascinating journey, from a childhood and humble beginnings to her success has been widely recognized. Having overcome obstacles she now enjoys the freedom to indulge in whatever she desires, thanks to her work and perseverance.

Oprah has a bathtub that is shaped like her.

One of Oprahs acquisitions includes a bathtub that’s custom shaped to resemble her own body. This purchase reflects her upbringing having grown up in a house without access to running water. It is a testament to how she has come in life.

Jennifer Lawrence Got A Water Tattoo To Remind Her To Drink More Water.

Jennifer Lawrences quirkiness never ceases to amaze us. We can all relate to forgetting to hydrate. Most of us wouldn’t go as far, as getting a tattoo as a reminder. However Lawrence took it a step further than setting reminders on her phone.

Jennifer Lawrence - Odd and Amazing Facts

Jennifer Lawrence now sports a water themed on her hand featuring the symbol “H2O,” serving as a reminder for her to stay hydrated. She seems to prioritize taking care of her bodys needs, like the protagonist, in the movie “Memento.” That tattoo must be thought provoking.

Marilyn Monroe had a desire to have children.

Many people think they know everything, about Marilyn Monroe, the face of the entertainment industry since her debut, in Hollywood. However despite the facade of her life it was filled with heartbreak and turmoil. Marilyn made attempts to conceive and start a family because she longed for it much but unfortunately each endeavor ended in tragedy with miscarriages.

A collection of reports suggests that Marilyn may have had a condition that could be linked to her inability to carry a pregnancy to term. It’s truly heartbreaking!

Exploring the Pre-Hollywood Lives of A-List Stars Through Old Photos

Explore the lives of your A list stars before they achieved Hollywood fame. Take a journey through history with a treasure trove of candid old photographs. These captivating images capture the unfiltered moments, from their days long before the glitz and glamour of Hollywood took over.
Discover the beginnings, extraordinary journeys and remarkable transformations that propelled these icons to the pinnacle of stardom. Through these photographs we gain an romantic glimpse into the lives of these stars who like us started as mere dreams. Join us on this voyage as we honor their authenticity, loyalty and untold stories that shape their pre Hollywood lives.

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