Photos That Demonstrate the Power of Nature in an Unfiltered Way

Mother Nature is the opposite of force. She enjoys bringing all kinds of powerful weather patterns and spectacular natural views to our planet. Every day is unpredictable, and once Mother Nature gets involved, who knows what amazing things will happen? Scroll down to see the most dramatic, spectacular, and awe-inspiring natural phenomena.

When Mother Nature Is At Work, Stay Warm During Cold Winter Days

You might be accustomed to extremely cold winters depending on where on the planet you are. Temperatures that fall well below freezing are common in Alaska and the Canadian Territories. Extreme weather of this kind is completely normal, and if you are prepared for it, you will stay warm. That doesn’t mean that after a few arduous months of wind, snow, and ice, you don’t want to experience some warmer weather.

Credit by Zoower

After experiencing 5 degrees Celsius and then -10 degrees Celsius, he was ready to send a pleasant spring breeze to Mother Nature.

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