13 People Share Their Most Worthy Photos From the Past

We’ve all experienced those stages in life. Unfortunately cameras may have captured those moments. These embarrassing photos have a way of keeping our, than ideal pasts alive even though those years are, behind us. However if you happen to find yourself in this situation there’s no need to fret. You’re not the one. Keep reading to discover some cringe images of peoples younger selves; it’ll make you feel less alone and give you a good chuckle.

Worthy Photos: Him and His Wife Twinning in 2000

Here is a side, by side comparison of two yearbook photos. One features a man from 1998 while the other showcases his wife from 2000. Surprisingly they bear a resemblance to each other. Their matching hairstyles with not bangs vibrant yellow shirts and other details make it seem like we’re looking at a pair of brothers rather than a future married couple. It’s as if their connection was meant to be right, from the beginning.

The late 90s and early 2000s were quite an era filled with fashion choices, like poorly bleached yellow highlights and awkward bangs. This side by side photo comparison serves as evidence of that.

Worthy Photos: He Thought He Met the Beatles… It Was 2004

Initially one might mistake this for a picture of the Beatles. Upon closer inspection and noting the year it becomes evident that these are not the legendary band members. In truth it was impossible for them to be present in 2004. However blissful ignorance. This young kid appears thrilled to have come so close, to meeting his favorite band. It’s safe to say that this encounter is probably as close as he will ever get to experiencing the deal.

If we were his parents we would have allowed him to believe that he had met the Beatles forever. Just look at his beaming smile! How would you go about delivering the news to him?

Worthy Photos: A Dash of Glamour, in a 90s Home Photoshoot

These sisters growing up in the 90s constantly pleaded with their mom for a photo shoot as young girls often do. However since their mom believed they were too young for such an endeavor they ended up organizing an one. The quality may not be top notch. The girls appeared enthusiastic, about it. They even managed to don a model expression while dressed in their outfits. This picture exudes. We absolutely love it.

90s Homemade Photoshoot

Worthy Photos: Eyebrow Game on Point (and Extremely Pointy)

Wow take a look, at these eyebrows! Even though some beauty trends from the nineties may seem an we can’t ignore the dark lip liner that was an essential part of every girls party look in 1998. The woman, in this picture proudly claims to have sported eyeliner wings way before Amy Winehouse made them popular. She even jokingly refers to her eyebrows as “McDonalds arches.”

McDonalds arches

Thick eyebrows are definitely, out of style. It’s hard to believe that some people are trying to bring them into fashion. The local newspaper treated her unfairly.

Worthy Photos: The Local Newspaper Did Her Dirty

This photo reminds us of the past a memory that will always be associated with this newspaper. Despite the joy, on the girls face captured in this snapshot it brings warmth to our hearts. However once she opened the newspaper and saw its contents that moment of innocence likely turned into regret. It’s like every eight year olds worst nightmare coming true.

Did Her Dirty

The girl, in the photo was just having a time playing with her toy horse. Little did she know that the photographer captured an moment and intends to publish it.

Worthy Photos: Her mom, who is incredibly supportive went the mile by hiring a photographer to capture these unique photos.

Moms are truly amazing. They always strive to bring joy to their children. In this case even if it meant arranging an cat themed photoshoot her mom didn’t hesitate. We can only imagine the photographers surprise when they arrived for the session. However as they say the customer is always right. In this situation these captivating images were what the customer desired.

Mom Paid Professional

Her mom, who is incredibly supportive went ahead. Hired a photographer to take these rather informal pictures. Even though they might be a bit embarrassing it seems like she had a lot of fun during the photoshoot.

Worthy Photos: The Brady Bunch but Make It Early 90s

This family photo gives off a vibe of a sitcom out of the late 80s or early 90s. The mullets and towering hairstyles suggest there must have been an amount of hairspray, in that house at some point. Nevertheless it looks like they made an effort to dress up their best for this occasion even though the early 90s didn’t necessarily favor this family of seven.. Then again it was an era, for everyone when it came to fashion trends.

Brady Bunch
Pretty much every single person in this 90s family photo regrets their style choices.

Worthy Photos: The More Chains You Had, the Closer You Were to the Goth Gods

The teenager, in the photo seemed confident and proud of his fashion statement. Despite the expressions on the faces of the other students, in the background it didn’t seem to bother him. He confidently embraced a style that combined elements of steampunk and goth.

Goth Gods

I hope that the fashion style we had in school stays there especially since it could cause a lot of problems when going through airport security.

Worthy Photos: Nothing Can Stop a Teen Who Knows Photoshop

It’s evident that this teenager was an admirer of celebrities and wanted to showcase that on her Myspace page flaunting her skills in photoshopping. If you squint your eyes right it almost seems like she could have gone to prom with Johnny Depp.. Hey, who can blame her for giving it a shot? Back in the 90s Johnny Depp was an icon. There was simply no one else, like him.

photoshop abilities

Myspace and the profile pictures it brought along were a defining aspect of the 2000s and late 90s. And lets be honest those photo editing skills were pretty impressive, for that time.

Worthy Photos: For a time he had a suit only

policy whenever he stepped out of the house and there was a good reason behind it. You see, when he was younger he had this dream of becoming the president someday. So whenever they went to visit Santa Claus he would dress up in his attire while his two younger brothers would have meltdowns right, behind him.

For Years, He Refused to Wear Anything but a Suit

Forget about the two teary eyed siblings, in the background because this older brother was absolutely ecstatic with himself while sitting in front of Santa dressed up like a grown up.

Worthy Photos: This Is How He Posed for All of 2006

This guy was undeniably the center of attention at every family gathering and party. Just take a look at this picture to see that. Hopefully his sense of humor carried on into adulthood making him a popular figure at college parties.. If this particular picture were to surface it might mark the end of his reign as a party goer and the beginning of adult embarrassment along, with some nicknames.

This Is How He Posed for All of 2006

The person, in this photo now admits that every picture of himself since 2006 much looks like this. It’s likely that his parents are still laughing about it to this day.

Worthy Photos: And That Was the Time Her Parents Took Her on a Trip

This photo is from 2011 back when camera quality was basic planking was a craze and capturing pictures of the act was a must. This womans mom took her on what was supposed to be a trip to Niagra Falls. She ended up spending the entire time engaged in planking. Since she was so dedicated, to her sport she didn’t have chance to relax and appreciate the scenery of course.

And That Was the Last Time Her Parents Took Her on a Trip

Planking may have lost its popularity as a trend. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of pictures there to keep the memories alive and well even today.

Worthy Photos: The Long Term Effects of Excessive Gel Usage, after 15 Years

This adorable couple had been together for fifteen years before tying the knot. They have a photo from 2003 to prove it. Did they look absolutely adorable then? Well in a 2003 kind of way yes. It’s easy to notice how much they have grown together since then from their hairstyles, to everything. However we can’t. Wonder if the grooms current short hair is a result of all that gel he used to apply.

The Effects of Too Much Gel 15 Years Later

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