10 Best Ways To Make Your Diet Both Delicious And Eco Friendly

People frequently assume that there isn’t much they can do when they hear about conservation. We all know that cars and refrigerators emit carbon dioxide, but we still need those things in our daily lives. What many people neglect is their diet, and with just a few minor adjustments, people can live lives that are not only healthier but also more eco friendly.

1- Increase Your Time Spent At Farmers Markets

In addition to being fresher than comparable items at large supermarkets, food purchased at farmer’s markets is also better for you. How is that even doable? Farmer’s market produce actually contains more nutrients, antioxidants, and phytoncides because it doesn’t undergo the same processing as commercial foods. By supporting local farmers and enabling them to expand and maintain their businesses, you are not only doing yourself a favor but also your community.

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