Wild Images of the North American Arctic Freeze

Extreme weather occurrences are more frequent now, and this winter in particular only made people long for the warmth of summer for North American Arctic Freeze. Seasonal storms and blizzards are no joke, and this winter, the United States and Canada experienced a freeze that was so brutal it seemed to happen only once in a lifetime. Be ready to be mesmerized by these images of what a real winter looks like. By the time you reach the final image, you’ll likely need to grab a jacket!

Snow has Blocked the Entrance to Their Front Door

This seems to be a lot of “no thank you.” Since this front door entrance was completely covered in snow on this snow day, everyone was effectively cut off. It seems to be quite terrifying. How do you even begin to clear this snow from the way? They might be able to turn their house temporarily into an igloo if they start with a tunnel.

These pictures of the snowbound area are genuinely terrifying. Just be grateful if you reside in a region that has never experienced snowfall this intense.

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