Here is a Breakdown of Each Of The Primary Causes of Climate Change

Now is the time to sit down and determine the root causes of the problems that climate change and greenhouse gas emissions are front and center in the public discourse. We are a long way from building a sustainable future, according to the International Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations body tasked with tracking the effects of global warming on our planet. Fortunately, the first step to solving a problem is understanding it, and recently there have been some significant advances in at least that area.

Electricity – 25%

Electricity generation is the largest contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, this is where most pollution control efforts are focused. Many people recognize that we are still far from the time when we can generate electricity without the help of carbon-generating sources, despite the fact that significant progress has been made in the field of renewable energies. Yes, wind and solar power are looking particularly promising. Even if we were to completely reinvent electricity generation and reduce carbon emissions to zero, it would still only account for 25 percent of global carbon emissions.

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