Surprising Ways To Use Vaseline

When you mention Vaseline, most people immediately think of it as lip balm or skin moisturizer. However, this humble petroleum jelly, with a history spanning 150 years, has an array of uses that often go unnoticed. Although it is a fact that Vaseline is used in routines, it has hidden possibilities waiting to be discovered that can not only enhance your beauty.

Keep your face hydrated with Vaseline

It’s quite surprising. Vaseline non comedogenic formula actually works wonders as a moisturizer. It effectively hydrates your skin without causing any blockage resulting in radiant skin. It’s a yet addition, to your skincare routine.

Hide Your Split Ends with Vaseline

Apply a dab of Vaseline directly onto your split ends to temporarily stick them together and hide any frizziness.

Enhance your cheekbones with Vaseline

Achieve a glowing effect, on your skin by dabbing some Vaseline onto your cheekbones thanks, to its shiny texture.

Soothe and protect a nose

During allergy seasons the constant runny nose can cause dryness and chapping around the nose area. Ease the discomfort by applying an amount of Vaseline to moisturize and promote healing.

Accentuate your lashes

Add volume and shine to your eyelashes by coating them with an amount of petroleum jelly. This simple trick can make your lashes look thicker and glossier for hours.

Make it easier to put on your earrings

When you haven’t worn earrings, for a while it can be difficult to insert them because the skin on your ears heals quickly. To make it smoother try applying an amount of Vaseline around the piercing before inserting the earring.

Keep your cuticles moisturized

If your cuticles tend to get dry you can apply a dab of Vaseline directly onto them for moisturizing. This will help prevent them from drying out and keep them hydrated, for a period of time.

Soothe Your Sunburns

When your skin gets burnt by the sun gently applying a bit of Vaseline can help alleviate the discomfort and sensitivity, in that area. It also aids in keeping the skin cool. Promotes a faster healing process.

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