Limited Space Wonderful Ideas That Will Maximize

As the cost of renting or buying a new home has continued to rise over the years, so have the sizes of new homes and apartments. Every “Debbie-Downer” who whines about not having enough room for all her stuff is usually a “Positive” who makes the most of the situation. People have been inventing some amazingly innovative ways over the years to make the most of every square inch of their limited living space, whether they live in a mobile home or a traditional home. Let’s take a quick look at 40 examples of how people have shown that size really does matter.

One Short Game

Tired of trying to cross the university lounge to study with your friend while swimming in an endless river of chairs? When the University of Surrey built this study lounge, they were using innovative thinking.

credit by Reddit/TX908

The people who came up with this concept not only maximized their available space but also finally discovered a useful application for wall art. The next step is to turn this wall into a reversal game and triple threat.

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