8 Celeb Couples Are Stronger Than Ever Despite A Cheating Scandal

In the world of fame and attention, from the media celebrity relationships can be quite delicate on Celeb Couples Are Stronger. However amidst all the chaos there are stories of love that have managed to withstand cheating scandals. From high profile power couples, to stars these tales of redemption will. Captivate us reminding us that sometimes love prevails against all odds.

1)Celeb Couples: Kobe & Vanessa Bryant


Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa went through times in their relationship due, to instances of infidelity. Back in 2003 he faced charges of assault (though they were later dropped and he denied the allegations).

Despite these challenges their bond as a couple remained strong. In 2011 they initially filed for divorce. According to reports from the Daily Beast they decided to call off the divorce in 2013 and chose to work on their marriage even after dealing with extramarital affairs. Their choice reflects a commitment, to their marriage and family showing that love and forgiveness can prevail when faced with tough circumstances.

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