24 Coincidental Photos That Actually Look So Perfect

When a Coincidental Photos occurs, most people fall into one of two categories: those who are inclined to dismiss such occurrences as mere coincidence, and those who see significance or a larger pattern behind them. Here is a list of the most incredible coincidences in human history. Continue reading to learn more about these astonishing coincidences, which will amaze even the most skeptic readers and prove that fate is real.

Coincidental Photos: Halley’s Comet appears at Mark Twain’s birth and at his passing

Coincidental Photos
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In the same year that Halley’s Comet first made an appearance, 1835, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known by his pen name Mark Twain, was born. The author famously predicted that the two events would coincide, according to the New York Times, and the comet made a second appearance in 1910, the year Twain passed away. The Almighty has undoubtedly said, “Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together,” according to a quote from him.

Coincidental Photos: Galileo and Einstein both had birthdays on the same day as Stephen Hawking

Famously, theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author Stephen Hawking was born on Galileo’s 300th death anniversary and passed away on Einstein’s 139th birthday. The fact that Hawking lived to be 76 years old despite having Lou Gehrig’s Disease, however, raises a much more perplexing question of statistical improbability about his life.

Scientific American reports that most people with the disease live for about five years after their diagnosis, despite the fact that we still know very little about it. The fact that Hawking lived for more than five more decades allowed him to impart his invaluable knowledge and talents to the world, in addition to his renowned sense of humor.

Coincidental Photos: On July 4, political rivals Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed away within hours of one another

Former presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams’ relationship experienced a number of ups and downs throughout the years. They were initially allies who gradually turned into rivals as their political views diverged. They eventually made up and wrote to one another until their final years as the two surviving American revolutionaries from the British Empire. Famously, they passed away on the same day in 1826—the Fourth of July, no less—just hours apart.

Coincidental Photos: The Commettes’ Residence Was Struck by a Meteor

According to National Geographic, the likelihood of being killed by a meteor is one in 1,600,000. Therefore, it would seem extremely unlikely that a meteor, which had been traveling through space for over 4.5 billion years without striking anything, would strike the residence of a family with the last name “Commette.” According to Time, one family in France experienced exactly that in a strange instance of cosmic synchronicity.

Coincidental Photos: In a train station, Anthony Hopkins Found The Book He Was Looking For, Signed

Anthony Hopkins was supposed to play Kostya in a movie version of The Girl from Petrovka in the early 1970s. He set out to read the book in order to get ready for the part, but despite a thorough search, he was unable to locate a copy in any bookstore. When he opened it, he discovered that George Feifer, the book’s author, had also signed it.

Coincidental Photos: The Brother of John Wilkes Booth prevented the death of Abraham Lincoln’s son

Long before Booth fatally shot Lincoln on that fateful day in April 1865, there was reportedly a coincidental family connection between John Wilkes Booth and Abraham Lincoln. Edwin Booth, a stage actor who achieved some notoriety during the Civil War, fervently backed the Union. Lincoln’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln, leaned up against a stopped train while in a New Jersey train station and almost fell onto the tracks when it started moving again. The younger Lincoln saw his hero and recorded the event in his journal, but Booth didn’t learn who he had saved until decades later.

Coincidental Photos: The same Lincoln son also witnessed three presidential assassinations

Robert Todd Lincoln was somehow present for not one, not two, but three presidential assassinations, which is unusual to be present for the death of any president. He was rushed to his father’s bedside and sat by his side until the elder Lincoln passed away, despite the fact that he was not present at the theater when the tragic shooting occurred. He later witnessed the assassination of President James A. Garfield firsthand. President William McKinley had invited Lincoln to Buffalo, New York, where he was when the president was fatally shot in 1901.

Coincidental Photos: An engaged couple learned that their parents were almost wed

In the NPR episode “No Coincidence, No Story,” Stephen and Helen Lee’s engagement unveiled an astonishing ancestral secret. As they perused family photos in New York, the couple learned that the groom’s deceased father and the bride’s mother nearly wed in 1960s Korea. Parental opposition led them to separate paths, only for destiny to intertwine their legacies once again. Remarkably, the distant loves now share grandchildren, bridging continents and time through an extraordinary twist of fate.

Coincidental Photos: The Olympic, Britannic, and Titanic shipwrecks were all survived by one woman

The nickname “Miss Unsinkable” was given to nurse and ocean liner stewardess Violet Jessop after she survived both the Titanic disaster in 1912 and the sinking of its sister ship, the HMHS Britannic, in 1916. Jessup reportedly was also on the RMS Olympic when it collided with a warship; fortunately, the Olympic managed to stay afloat.

Coincidental Photos: The first and last battles of the Civil War took place in different towns, but right next to the same man’s property

The First Battle of Bull Run in 1861 signaled the start of the American Civil War. The song “Bull Run” is named after a stream that ran through the farm of a 46-year-old grocery store owner named Wilmer McLean in Manassas, Virginia. After the battle’s destruction, McLean and his wife moved to Appomattox, Virginia, in search of safety. For roughly four years, he was safe as the bloody war ravaged the country. At the Appottomax Courthouse, a short distance from McLean’s new home, Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant in 1865, bringing the war to an end.

Coincidental Photos: The first and last World War I soldiers are interred next to one another

An estimated million British lives had been lost by the time World War I ended. The last recorded English casualty of the war, 30-year-old George Edwin Ellison, and the first English casualty of the war, 17-year-old soldier John Parr, are said to have graves in the Saint Symphorien Military Cemetery that are only 15 feet apart and face one another.

Coincidental Photos: Two Malaysian Air flights that crashed were missed by one man Coincidental Photos

Two tragic aircraft accidents involving Malaysian Air flights occurred in 2014.

The first airplane was shot down over Ukraine, and the second one vanished over the Indian Ocean. This made a big mystery in aviation history. A cyclist named Maarten de Jonge from the Netherlands was supposed to be on both flights. But luckily, he changed his mind at the last moment and chose cheaper tickets, which saved him from being on those planes.

Coincidental Photos: The first and last victims of the Hoover Dam construction occurred 14 years apart; they were a father and a son

Out of the estimated 21,000 people who worked on the construction of the Hoover Dam, 96 people died on the job, according to the United States Bureau of Reclamation. J.G. Tierney was one of the first; he and a colleague perished in the water on December 20, 1922, while conducting a geological survey before construction. The final death of the project was documented 14 years later, on the precise day of Tierney’s passing. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, his son Patrick Tierney was the one who fell from the electrical tower.

Coincidental Photos: Her husband came across a dollar she had written on in an effort to find a husband Coincidental Photos

Paul Grachan asked Esther to be his girlfriend after only a brief period of dating, as detailed in an episode of NPR’s This American Life.

The framed dollar reappeared in their home after some time had passed, they got engaged, and then they got married. Evidently, Esther had, following a breakup, written her name on a dollar and a few other coins, vowing to wed the man who would return it to her. She didn’t explain to him why she was so speechless because she believed that discussing marriage at this early stage in their relationship would turn him off. But at the time, she thought he was “the one.”

Coincidental Photos: Another 10-year-old Laura Buxton found the red balloon that 10-year-old Laura Buxton had released

According to a story shared on the WYNC Radiolab back, in 2001 there was an incident involving a 10 year old girl named Laura Buxton. It was said that she stood in her yard with a balloon while writing her address and the words “Please return to Laura Buxton” on its side. She then released the balloon into a gust of wind.

As fate would have it the balloon traveled 140 miles south before landing in the yard of another 10 year old girl.. Guess what? It turned out that this second girl was also named Laura Buxton! The two girls were amazed by this coincidence. Decided to meet up. During their meeting they discovered similarities between them. Not did they look alike. Dress similarly but they both even had three year old chocolate labs, grey rabbits and guinea pigs as pets.

Coincidental Photos: Regarding Joan Ginthers success in winning four scratch off lottery prizes totaling over $20 million Business Insider.

suggests approaching this “coincidence” with some skepticism—not because it seems like a legend (like many such stories do) but rather due to certain factors that raise questions, about its authenticity.

Coincidental Photos: Tsutomo Yamaguchi lived through the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima Coincidental Photos

Depending on how you look at it, Tsutomo Yamaguchi is either incredibly lucky or incredibly unlucky. He was unlucky in that he just so happened to be in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the same time as their devastating atomic bombings, but lucky in that he miraculously survived both. Yamaguchi reportedly ran away from Hiroshima in search of safety, arriving in Nagasaki only to witness a second white light flash that would cause burns from radioactive ash to cover more than half of his body. The Japanese government only acknowledges Yamaguchi as having survived both bombings. He sadly passed away from cancer in 2010.

Coincidental Photos: Dog is “dog” in the extinct Mbabaram language Coincidental Photos

Australian Aboriginal language Mbabaram is on the verge of extinction, and it couldn’t sound more unlike English. Thus, it came as quite a shock to linguists studying Mbabaram when they discovered that the tribe’s word for “dog” is simply “dog,” with no connection to or derivation from the English word.

Coincidental Photos: Every time a poet indulged in plum pudding it would remind him of the person who introduced him to it for the time.

According to Joseph Mazurs book “Fluke ” there was a coincidence that happened to poet Émile Deschamps in the 19th century. When Deschamps was a teenager he had the pleasure of meeting an Englishman named Mr. De Fortgibu, who introduced him to his taste of plum pudding. Around ten years later Deschamps decided to order plum pudding from a menu he came across. However much, to his surprise the waiter informed him that they had just sold the one to a customer seated at the back of the establishment and even addressed this customer as Mr. De Fortgibu.

Another ten years went by before Deschamps attended a dinner party where plum pudding was served. Enough while joking about how this party seemed like it was arranged for him Mr. De Fortgibu appeared at the door! It was quite an encounter.

Coincidental Photos: On their wedding day a couple made a discovery when they found their wedding vows, inside a bottle filled with photographs.

The Dubendorfs were taken aback when they realized that the date written on that note matched their beach wedding date precisely. Not that but also the note contained their address. They saw it as an omen indicating that both of their marriages were meant to be.

Coincidental Photos: Solar Eclipses are Incredibly Rare:

In our system we encounter coincidences just like we do in our everyday lives. The sun is 400 times larger, than the moon. It is also positioned about 400 times farther away. This remarkable balance makes them appear the size from our perspective and allows for the occurrence of this phenomenon despite their significant differences in size. According to Live Science if the sun were any bigger or the moon were any away we would likely never witness a solar eclipse since the moon wouldn’t be large enough to fully block our view.

On an note Flight 666 landed at HEL (Helsinki) on Friday the 13th.

While you may come across coincidences” related to the number 666 often involving far fetched conspiracy theories) this particular account is authentic. Departing from Copenhagen on that date known as Friday the 13th Finnair flight 666 safely touched down in Helsinki (HEL). Yes it’s true; On one of those days associated with darkness and ill luck Flight 666 made its journey to HEL. Fortunately for everyone, on board that was where their coincidental adventure ended as they arrived safely at their intended destination.

Following their separation at birth, two sets of twins were reunited Coincidental Photos

Two sets of twins, who were separated at birth had a reunion, in a story called “Coincidental Photos” published in The New York Times Magazine back in 2015.

The story unfolded when Jorge, one of the twins unexpectedly encountered William, his brother while visiting the butcher shop where William worked. When Jorge was shown a photo of the man from the butcher shop they decided to check his Facebook page. Discovered that he frequently appeared alongside Carlos Jorges twin brother. Eventually both sets of twins crossed paths. Have remained connected since.

Enough there is also a childhood photograph featuring both sets of twins together.

In another coincidence Aimee Maiden and Nick Wheeler stumbled upon a discovery while going through old family photos before their wedding. They realized that they had unknowingly taken their photo together as children—11 years prior to meeting each other. In the photo Aimee’s family can be seen sitting feet from Nick as they both played in the sand. It’s considering that they grew up, over 300 miles apart in parts of England. Nick and his family enjoyed a getaway at Aimee’s hometown soaking up the sun on a beach.

One memory that holds a place, in my heart is a photograph from my childhood. In the picture both sets of twins are smiling with happiness. It’s like time stood still freezing that moment of unity and showcasing the bond between us siblings. Each pair reflects the other exuding a shared resemblance and an unspoken connection. This snapshot beautifully captures the essence of growing up highlighting the exceptional relationship, between two sets of twins.

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