People’s Discoveries of Surprising Hidden Details on Clothing

You’re probably not paying much attention to the details when you shop for new clothes. The majority of people typically only care about things like fit and fashion. These are some of the best Hidden Clothing Easter eggs we could find, with features like telling you who actually sewed your garment and showing patterns when they’re wet.

A Dress Clasp To Secure Bras Hidden Clothing

Here’s a useful little nugget that just makes perfect sense. An image of a woman’s dress that had a clasp added to keep her bra straps in place for that night out was posted online. It’s probably a lifesaver that many high-end designers include this feature in their dresses. Actually, we’re a little surprised that more apparel manufacturers don’t take similar actions.If you have a dress that lacks clasps, adding your own wouldn’t require a lot of sewing expertise. However, we imagine you’d have to handle thin straps with extreme caution.

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