People’s Discoveries of Surprising Hidden Details on Clothing

When you shop for new clothes, you probably aren’t paying much attention to the details. The majority of people usually only care about things like fit and fashion. These are some of the best-hidden clothing Easter eggs we could find, with features like telling you who actually sewed your dress and showing the pattern when it’s wet.

Pieces of fabric to preserve the hidden details of bras on people’s discovery clothes

People's Discoveries

Here’s a useful little nugget that makes perfect sense. A photo of a woman’s dress with a hook attached to hold her bra strap in place for the night was posted online. It’s probably a lifesaver that many high-end designers incorporate this feature into their clothing. In fact, we’re a little surprised that more apparel manufacturers don’t take similar steps. If you have a dress that doesn’t have clips, it won’t take a lot of sewing skills to add your dress. However, we imagine you’ll have to handle thin strips with extreme caution.

Someone Found Out Their Raincoat Changes Patterns When Wet

This is beyond belief. Although we’re not sure how it does it, this rain jacket transforms into a floral pattern when wet. We don’t know of any other feature of this jacket that’s cooler than this one. Until they bought it and used it in the rain, the man had no idea that his raincoat behaved this way. On what would otherwise be a rainy day, this is a pleasant little surprise.

Small details like these can motivate you to go out more often.

He Discovered A Built-In Lens Hidden Clothing

This is for all the glasses wearers out there. If you had a shirt like this, you wouldn’t have to worry about scratching them again. There was a small lens cloth sewn into the bottom of the shirt, although we’re not sure if the buyer was aware of this feature prior to their purchase. When cleaning their glasses, most people immediately reach for a piece of their shirt, so this is great.

In all honesty, you can probably clean anything that would normally require a soft piece of cloth like this. You won’t just need to clean your glasses with it.

This Company Added A System For Extending Their Sleeves

There are a few different brands that offer sleeve systems that are comparable, but until we saw this photo, we had never heard of them. Someone noticed that a little tag telling them how to lengthen the sleeves when she inevitably outgrew them was inside their daughter’s raincoat. It’s also encouraging to see fashion designers urging consumers to keep their clothes as long as possible given how bad fast fashion is for the environment.

Since this jacket doesn’t even look particularly new, it can be assumed that this business has consistently produced sustainable clothing, even before the negative effects of fast fashion were widely publicized.

A Jacket With Turn Signals Hidden Clothing

The biker was walking around when someone spotted him and took a picture of his jacket. On its back, there are actually turn signals and brake lights. Yes, they all light up simultaneously with a signal from his bike. Although designers of clothing for bikers are known for their innovative styles, this riding jacket is probably one of the best we’ve seen. Simply put, we want to know where the plug goes.

Still, it’s great to see a riding jacket that forces drivers to pay attention to the rider. You need all the help you can get to stay safe because the ride can be dangerous.

This T-Shirt Company Tells You Who Made Your Shirt Hidden Clothing

While it’s important to know where and by whom your clothes were made, it’s often difficult to determine all of this information. Looks like someone who made this shirt is trying to find a solution. These include biographies of the people who actually make their clothes on the tags. Even tidbits of personal information, such as how they like to spend their free time, are included in bios.

Los Angeles also seems to be the location of the company’s headquarters, although we can’t be sure and it could just be their factory.

Washing Instructions

So while the majority of clothing tags will have washing instructions, these instructions are a little different. It provides wearers with two options: the best results and the worst results. The option that yields the best results is essentially your standard washing instructions. The option with the worst outcomes is what you might imagine your young child doing if they were able to wash their own clothes. On the roof rack, it is advised to drag behind your car and drag through puddles.

Naturally, we hope that the majority of people decide to wash these pajamas using the technique that gives the best results. We doubt they will last long being towed behind a car or truck.

An Animal-Tested Shirt Hidden Clothing

Context is usually worse when you hear about products being tested on animals. The fact that this shirt was tested on animals, though, is proudly stated on the label. In typical Top Gear style, it then adds a witty comment about how the shirts don’t fit. Being associated with animal testing through your clothing isn’t usually a good thing, but in this case, it might just make us want to buy the shirt even more.

We can only picture a group of animals occupying a large lab somewhere, eating food and donning various articles of clothing while testers scratch their heads whenever something doesn’t fit.

A Label That Spells Out Who Can Wash

You wouldn’t think a clothing label would be necessary to specify who is allowed to wash clothes, but it seems this company wants to be clear. Both sexes seem to be able to do laundry, or at least this particular item. After giving you the usual washing instructions, they conclude with the brief statement that “Both men and women can wash.”

We hope that whoever needs to hear or read this message or tag will take it home and find it because it’s a very clever little label.

Shoes With An Ice Cleat

You may have some trouble spotting the metal piece on the bottom of these shoes if you’re not from an area that gets a lot of snow and ice. Although it has a bottle opener function, it actually has a flip-down ice cleat that gives you traction when walking on ice. If it’s smart outside, just put on ice sheets, and you’ll be good to go.

In all honesty, it makes so much sense that the designer thought to include this small but useful addition. After all, chances are that if you buy shoes, you will use them outside.

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