Fantastic Fashion: These A-Listers Are Disrupting Gender Expectations

We look to celebrities to give us examples of what is “in,” what is “cool,” and generally what types of Fantastic Fashion . we should be on the lookout for. Therefore, it’s great when celebrities push the envelope and think outside the box. Is there anything cooler than being who we truly are, without apology? These famous people have given us permission to be like this too by challenging gender norms and dressing however they please. Here are some celebrities who we adore because of this.

1. Harry Styles

Harry was always going to be at the top of this list because he has consistently stood up to gender stereotypes in fashion. He recently experienced his most famous moment when he became the first man to appear on the cover of Vogue while wearing a dress. He had a stunning appearance and was known to don dresses, skirts, bright colors, and jewelry as accessories, essentially letting his glorious self show.

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