8 Celeb Couples Are Stronger Than Ever Despite A Cheating Scandal

2)Celeb Couples: David Letterman of Celeb Couples Are Stronger

David Letterman

David Letterman, the host of a late night talk show found himself in the midst of a publicized scandal back, in 2009. During an episode of his show “Late Show with David Letterman ” he openly admitted to having been involved in relationships with members of his staff including his long term partner Regina Lasko.

The revelation of his infidelity came as a shock to many. Letterman used this opportunity to not acknowledge his mistakes but also work towards repairing and strengthening his relationship, with Lasko. Despite the challenges they faced during that period David Letterman and Regina Lasko decided to face their difficulties head on and ultimately tied the knot in 2009. Their journey serves as a reminder that open communication and forgiveness can play roles in overcoming the aftermath of a cheating scandal.

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