10 Celebrities Who Are Now Broke

While we think of people who starred in a few films or a long-running TV show as someone who’s set for life, that’s not how Hollywood works. The lifestyle of celebrities is one that can spend a lot of money on a lot of people. Money is usually invested at a rate that doesn’t require any stars with a shorter shelf life to keep up. Such actors and actresses realize sooner or later that they spend money they don’t even have because their jobs tend to dry up. Now, people on top of the world who you figured were probably in worse financial shape than the average Joe. Check out our 10 celebrities list who hit it big but are now surprisingly broken and let us know what you think.

Tia Tequila

The simple fact tv celebrity was among those style’s most significant celebrities upon a moment; point. She had been bringing in significantly more than $175,000 because of her looks on several reality shows however, it seems she has spending cash faster than it really is arriving from. Just lately Tequila chose societal media marketing to beg for her enthusiasts for economic aid so that she would purchase furniture to get the property.

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