Google Earth Photo that Showed Unexpected Views of Our World

Google Earth’s imagery is one of the most amazing and miraculous inventions any mapmaker or explorer could ask for, although we probably don’t stop to think about it. Almost the entire surface of our planet is now continuously visible to us from space. Is there anything more incredible in your opinion? We’ve learned things from this fantastic tool that we never would have learned otherwise, as well as some things we never would have guessed. Scroll down to see what’s happening on our planet as seen from the perspective of the universe.

Can We Play The X-Files Music Right Now?

The circles of this mysterious triangle in the Nevada desert are so precise that they were drawn by humans. Humans can pull it off, but we don’t think it’s much fun to believe.

credit by Google Earth

Some believe it is an old bomb testing site or an abandoned airstrip. what do you think about it?

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