Decluttering: Highest Quality Closet Essentials

Having a closet full of things we never wear. Because of this, it can be difficult to find the items we need, and let’s face it, we only wear a select few regularly. So, the first thing to consider is what clothes you actually wear, that go with everything, and that you enjoy wearing. Decluttering must feel great. Once you know that, we’re here to help you list the wardrobe essentials you need to keep in order to feel your best and cover all the bases.


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The first closet-essential item is a pair of jeans. These can be tailored to suit your preference; skinny jeans, mom jeans, stretched jeans, high-waisted jeans, etc. There are so many different styles available and you can find the one that you feel suits you the most. Having these in your wardrobe is so important, as they will be a strong base for many outfits. 

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