Uncover the ancient geoglyphs of Peru from a bird's-eye view, revealing mysterious shapes etched into the desert.

Journey to Mauritania to witness the "Eye of the Sahara," a massive and naturally occurring bullseye formation.

Discover a colossal pink rabbit art installation in Italy's countryside that can only be truly appreciated from above.

Stumble upon a lush, green oasis in the middle of the Gobi Desert, an oasis only visible from the sky.

Marvel at the perfectly round forests in Nigeria, a unique natural phenomenon best seen from space.

Witness the incredible artificial islands shaped like palm trees and a world map off the coast of Dubai.

Investigate mysterious crop circle formations around the world, often captured in intricate detail by satellite imagery.

Admire the striking patterns formed by glacial rivers flowing through Iceland's dramatic landscapes.

Gain a new perspective on this iconic wonder by exploring its winding path across China from the sky.

Experience the breathtaking colors of Vinicunca, the Rainbow Mountain, as seen from the heavens, showcasing its natural beauty.