Top 12 support KPIs for better customer service

What Are KPIs? Defining Key Performance Indicators 2023

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They give you insights into how customers enjoy your service, how fast they get help, and if your support team is doing the best they can. Challenge your customer service and support teams to communicate clearly and reply with thoughtful questions. Discover the most important customer service and support metrics to measure and track in order to provide the best customer experience … However, it’s a good idea to measure it and see if there is a correlation between your churn rate and customer satisfaction for particular customer segments. Asking for customer feedback will help you understand why the customers are leaving and will give you a bigger picture of your situation. Automating these workflows can free agents from these repetitive tasks and also positively impact KPIs such as average handle time, and the number of tickets resolved.

To put it simply, if a company spends $1,000 on a marketing campaign and generates $5,000 in sales, the ROI KPI indicates a successful outcome. Trader Joe’s are likely able to excel because they monitor critical metrics related to the service they provide. In this post, learn about critical customer service and service desk KPIs that will help you understand your support strategies and improve customer satisfaction. The net retention KPI for customer service goes deeper into evaluating your business growth by monitoring the number of lost and new customers, and calculating the product or service cancellations only. That way, you will have a clear picture of how well your retaining efforts and strategies work, and if there is a reason to adjust. In our example, we can see that October has brought a higher number of lost customers while December had quite a positive increase.

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So, the four quantitative ones that we commonly look at are the overall tasks programs. We’re also looking at the workload efficiency of the team, as well as timesheet submittals. How good or how regular and how accurate are they at submitting their timesheet?

kpi for support team

Look for quick response times, which demonstrate to your customers that their issues are your priority … which can lead to positive customer satisfaction measures. Communicate your customer feedback to your product and marketing teams so they can understand what your customers may be dealing with or asking questions about. Depending on the number of tickets you receive, ensure you have enough representatives kpi for support team on your customer service team to handle the ticket volume. From a customer’s perspective, being transferred to another agent or department may create frustration and lengthen the time it takes to get their inquiry resolved. This can quickly turn into a customer service horror story, especially if your customers have to explain the same problem multiple times to several different support team members.


First Level Resolution Rate is a measure of an IT Support organization’s overall competency and is a proxy for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With the evolution of new customer service trends and technologies, businesses are going omnichannel to deliver better conversational experiences. With these insights, businesses can communicate with customers over their preferred channels such as websites, phone, email, social media, etc. The customers will rate you on a scale of 1-5 based on how much effort it takes to complete a transaction, resolve a support issue, and otherwise interact with your company/product online or in person. The FCR performance indicator gives you insights into how good your agents are at understanding and addressing customer issues without needing multiple interactions.

But to generate more leads, it clearly pays to prioritize the customer experience. For your service level, you can track as many KPIs for customer service as you wish – but what you should aim for is to honor the services you agreed upon and even exceed the targets. Before taking any decision, track these support metrics over several months.

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